Thursday, October 7, 2010


I feel like the world is sitting on my chest. Maybe not the whole world, but definitely my world. We are finally ready to go to court for Ava's adoption, and hopefully Asher's adoption as well. But there's a pretty significant hang-up: the organization we work with needs to get its NGO status we can get new work we can prove to the courts that we are legally working in this we have a chance of being approved for these adoptions! And why is it important that we get these adoptions to go through soon? Because election season is fast approaching here, and it seems that it could get, well, like African elections often get: violent. Dangerous. Not that it will, and we're definitely praying it won't! But there's something to be said for being prepared.
So that's just one thing that is sitting on my chest right now. There's more. But that's the personal side of the weight, and that's always the one that weighs heaviest--even if it's not the most "important."
But it's Friday, which means family movie, smoothies, and popcorn. The kids are singing and dancing, and I finished writing the mid-term exam for my Literature class. There's plenty to rejoice about. But I can't ignore the stuff on top of me... that would be foolish, and today I'm not going to be foolish.
What's my advice to myself? Trust, dear one. He's got the whole world in His hands. He's got your whole world in His hands. It's not going to work out like you want it to. It never does. But it will unfold well...and wonderously...and gloriously. Take a walk. Breath in the fresh air. Watch the sunset, and gaze at the stars. This whole world that He's got in His hands, it's broken and struggling. But it's also stinkin' beautiful.

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